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Our clients have a lot to say

Robin Vandenburg


Ryan and Kay are two of the best trainers I've worked with. Both  highly skilled, certified and experienced. Let's start with Kay. I  always said I'd never like working with a female trainer. I'm officially  taking back those words. Kay, or "Killer Kay" as I affectionately call  her, puts together programs that challenge you to limits you never  thought you could reach all the while encouraging you to reach and  exceed them. Her methods are tough yet she understands my limitations with  a bad knee. Kay quickly notices if a movement is bothering my knee and  makes adjustments. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to challenge  themselves with a new fitness goal or to a newbie that wants someone  kind and compassionate.

Now  Ryan. I'm impressed by Ryan's constant quest for knowledge. Holding  several certifications and always coming to our training sessions with  more information to share. Whether it be nutritional information (he's a  certified nutritionist) or mobility moves to help me move and lift  better, Ryan never disappoints. He puts together programs that help me  increase my weight lifting skills, meet goals I set for myself and  encourages me to challenge myself to hit new personal records. I love  when I come to a session and Ryan has a new move for me. May take me a  try or two to get it down, but Ryan is right there to guide and motivate  me.

Sue Matheson

Kayla has been my trainer for about 4 years. As  an almost 70 year old woman I wanted someone to keep me focused on  strengthening my core and remaining fit. Nobody does it better. She is excellent at what she does and can make modifications for any exercise or challenge she puts me up to. She is a real Personal Trainer to it's fullest extent of the meaning.  

Nikki Hinton-Rouff

I have been training with Ryan since March 2017 & every workout is  different. He challenges me above what I would do for myself. He is  knowledgeable about meal planning and has given me great advice. Their  foods are great and so convenient for busy customers like myself. Since I  started with him, I have noticed a huge difference in my strength. I  look forward to each workout, but dread how sore I'll be the next day.  Ryan and Kayla are amazing at what they do & I'm so blessed to have  amazing trainer.

Josh Ackerman

 A lot of personal trainers lack that special connection between client  and coach.  But at NTT coach Ryan and coach Kayla make a personal  connection with each client.  You feel comfortable, confident, and  driven when being trained. They make you their top priority. I suggest  anyone looking for a friendly, dedicated trainer that has proven results  with certifications, check out NTT. 

Kelley Pendleton Mulhern

Ryan & Kayla at Nourish Thy Temple provided AMAZING food for a  Wellness Expo at my office tonight. It was so good people didn't even  realize they were eating healthy! Oh, and did I mention I only found out  about them a week ago and they were able to pull it all together  SEAMLESSLY?  Their service was EXCEPTIONAL!!  Ryan even emptied all the  garbage cans and took the trash to the dumpster! NTT will be my  'caterer' of choice for all my events in the future. I love that this  company is a local small business striving to help others be healthier.   Keep up the great work! 

Vanessa Sardi

I love these guys! They rise to the challenge time and time again! I am  100% vegan and they never disappoint. They are so creative in the  kitchen! They can do vegan, vegetarian, or meat options. They cater to  your preferences, always fresh, always delicious. I highly recommend  trying them cater your party or help you meal plan. Their food  is always delicious and always fresh! Ryan and Kayla are not only  professional, but they both have a heart of gold and it's so obvious,  they aim to please! I'm so grateful they will be providing food for my  ribbon cutting!  I would recommend them any day! 

Kaije Guynn

 Ryan and Kay are absolutely top notch in their field, and are truly  genuine and passionate people. Between their wealth of knowledge and  desire to help any and everyone, NTT is the best at what they do!